Tightvacs are great for the environment!

Looking for a sustainable storage solution? Tightvacs are the way to go! Made from 100% reusable and recyclable materials, Tightvacs are an environmentally friendly choice that helps reduce waste in landfills. Our solar-powered facility and energy-saving devices ensure that our production process is eco-friendly too.

With Tightvacs, you can save money and reduce packaging waste by buying in bulk and storing your goods in our larger Kilovacs and "The Everything Vac". Our easy-to-use and durable containers are perfect for storing leftovers, lunches, and snacks, and can be reused for years to come.

Our unique Tightvac technology sets us apart from other container brands, and as a mid-size company, we are dedicated to delivering an excellent product with a high standard of service and accountability. Visit our website for more information on recycling and how you can help reduce plastic waste. Choose Tightvacs for a simple, sustainable storage solution that works!