Bluntpac / Mini Sigaarhouder / Zwart

Bluntpac / Mini Sigaarhouder / Zwart

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The Bluntpac Mini Cigar Holder from Tightvac is specially designed to store two cigarettes, a blunt or a mini cigar. You can store the product of your choice while burning in the Bluntpac Mini, because our design is made of super strong polypropylene, which means that the Bluntpac can withstand melting up to 160°C!

Would you like to keep the product fresh? Thanks to our vacuum system, your product will stay fresh up to three times longer than in other storage containers!

So if you are looking for an odor-free, airtight, durable, discreet and stylish storage container for your mini cigar, among other things, order the Bluntpac Mini Cigar Holder now. Thanks to the handy clip on the cap, you can easily clip the Bluntpac to your pants or your shirt pocket.

General information:
- Length: 4,50 inch
- Diameter (Oval): 1 inch
- Volume: 0.06 L
- Suitable for: two cigarettes / one small cigar
- Closure: Cap with clamp
- Fragrance-free
- Airtight
- Discreet / Stylish
- Available in different colors

Material: Polypropylene

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