KingB Cigarette Holder / Purple

KingB Cigarette Holder / Purple - TightVac Europe - The eassiest storage solutions

KingB Cigarette Holder / Purple

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KingB Cigarette Holder. Be the king of the party! Great for concerts, weddings and all night goers. It's odorproof, airtight and totally cool! Put your lit cigarette in the King B, put the cap on and it goes right out. Keeps your favorite smokes fresh longer. 

General Information:

Made of super strong polypropylene

Super durable, won't melt or break

Will float until you decide to save it

Small plastic objects won't get in the way of security devices

Discreet and stylish, Tightpacs snap on to socks, pants and under clothing

Additional Information :

- Dimensions: 6" high x 0.80" Ø / 15 cm high x 2 cm

TightVac is a patented vacuum-sealed storage container that keeps items fresh up to 3x longer than conventional containers. Tightvacs help you with a multitude of everyday storage issues providing solutions for everything from maximizing your cupboard organization to ensuring long lasting freshness for your coffee, tea and other dry goods; use them for convenient travel purposes and your bulk food storage needs.

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