Convenient and Portable Tightvac Containers for Travel, Snacks, and More!

Convenient and Portable Tightvac Containers for All Your Needs

Vitavacs are great for traveling. Easily fits in pockets and purses.

TightVac and Travel; Pack-A-TightVac To Go!

Are you always on the go and looking for easy ways to stay organized? Tightvac containers are perfect for all your storage needs. With their portability and smell-proof design, you can take them anywhere without worrying about odors escaping.

Travel with Ease

Heading out on a trip or just running errands? Our Tightvac containers are easy to carry in your purse, pocket, or backpack. Take them to the campsite or the airport and feel secure about storing anything, anywhere, anytime.

Snacks and Vitamins

Our Mini Vac Snack Vac is perfect for carrying your daily supply of vitamins or healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruits. Whether you're headed to the mall or the park, nutritionists recommend eating every few hours to keep your energy constant and help prevent a mid-afternoon slump.

Save Money and Reduce Waste

Instead of spending on expensive individual snack boxes, buy nuts, dried fruits, and cereals in bulk and store them in our Kilovac or "The Everything Vac". Make up your own portions in our smaller sizes to save on packaging and money. You can also keep fresh, healthy snacks around your home, in the den, TV room, or office.

Breakfast and Lunch

Don't have time for breakfast? Pack a Tightvac ToGo container with your favorite healthy cereal and pop it in your briefcase or purse. Use our MiniVac to carry your favorite coffee or beans to the office for a special single brew on your morning or afternoon break. Save yourself time, money, and the entire family from unhealthy fast food breakfasts or lunches.


Tightvac containers are versatile and convenient storage solutions for all your needs. Whether you're traveling, snacking, or just need a quick breakfast on the go, our containers are perfect for you. Save money, reduce waste, and stay organized with Tightvac!