TightVacs: The ultimate solution for food storage.

In the 21st century, the cost of food is on the rise, and landfills are becoming a growing problem. Therefore, practical, safe, and long-lasting food storage is an essential part of our daily lives. At Tightvac, we manufacture and develop recyclable food storage containers with a unique patented closure system that keeps food fresher for longer. By using our containers, you can reduce wastefulness and unnecessary spending while being environmentally aware and economically mindful.

Tightvac's are great for storing Parmesan Cheese. They can be used for candy and vegetables.

We offer a wide range of Tightvac containers with tips and best practices to help maximize your cupboard organization and keep your dry goods fresh. Our air-tight, water-resistant, and smell-proof containers are ideal for storing everything from coffee and tea to nuts and bolts. Additionally, our Vacs are highly functional in all climate conditions, preventing bug or pest infestation and keeping items dust and rust-free.

Our containers are available in 10 different sizes, and clear, tinted, or solid styles with a variety of colored caps to give you greater storage styles and organizational options. All our containers work the same and can be used for different items, from dry food and pet treats to vitamins and pills.

Our products are NSF International certified, tested, and FDA approved to be food safe. Tightvacs are a revolutionary storage solution for all dry goods. With our containers, your goods will stay fresh for up to a year, and in some cases, even longer. Whether it's coffee, tea, cereal, pasta, or snacks, you can trust Tightvacs to keep your goods tasting as delicious as the day you bought them.