Tightvacs & Travel


Picnics & Camping are perfect for Tightvacs. Great for day hikes or weekend getaways.

Picnics & Camping“The Everything Vac” and Kilovac are terrific for picnics and camping. It’s lightweight and has a handle making it easy to carry or even tie on to other gear. You can pack an afternoon outing with some sandwiches, fruit and biscuits. Or use several “Vacs” and pack one with a couple of dozen sandwiches, another with salads or pasta and yet another with all your plates, cups, napkins and silverware. The large size of our “Vacs” will help you avoid using plastic plates or utensils; pack with care and bring anything you need right from your cupboards to the campsite or picnic area. We always recommend keeping the VACS upright. Keeping the button and valve clean is very important to its function.

Boats, RV's and Airports

Boats-RV-Airports and Tightvacs. Great for storing coffee or dry goods.

Your “get away” vacation home, like a boat or RV will also benefit highly from the Tightvac airtight storage system. The durable and reusable nature of our containers makes them perfect for storage in any location. They can go from your home cupboard or counter top right to your car, boat or RV. You can also keep them in your “get away” recreational vehicle all year and your crackers, chips and dry goods will survive any climate. No more stale or soggy goods on your boat or in your RV. Pack-a-Tightvac to-go in any of your air travel baggage. Use them in your luggage for protecting fragile items or store your “undies” discreetly. Use them in your carry-on baggage to store vitamins, ear plugs and mask. Use the handy clear containers for any items that need to go through airport security and make travel a breeze. In and out of your carry-on with no mess or fuss!