SpiceVacs: Get rid of dull and tasteless spices

Spicevac come in a variety of sizes and fit in most carriers.

Introducing SpiceVacs - the ultimate storage solution for your herbs and spices! With a wide variety of sizes, our Spicevacs fit perfectly in most carriers, making it easy to organize and store all of your favorite spices. Keep your herbs and spices fresher for longer by using any of our smaller containers, or store in bulk using our larger sizes. Our containers are perfect for expensive herbs like saffron or lavender, which can easily be stored in the freezer.

Our solid or tinted containers are ideal for light-sensitive goods such as dried mushrooms, truffles, or dried fruits. For nuts like almonds and cashews, use our Tightvac containers to store them in the fridge and avoid rancidness. They'll stay crunchy for over a year, up to two years!

Our containers are not just limited to herbs and spices - use our Everything Vac - Breadvacs to double the shelf life of your bagels, bread, crackers, chips, and pastries. With plenty of room for the largest loaves of bread, two regular loaves, large bags of bagels, crackers or muffins, you'll never have to worry about your baked goods going stale again. Flour, sugar, and salt will also stay dry and bug-free.

Finally, use any of our Tightvac sizes and styles to keep your cereal, oatmeal, cookies, pretzels, chips, and more, all snap, crackle, and yummy good! SpiceVacs - the perfect storage solution for all your food needs. Visit our website for more information on the ways our patented system works to keep your food fresher for longer!