Tightvac 2,35 liter / 680g / Clear / Blue Tint

Tightvac 2,35 liter / 680g / Clear / Blue Tint - TightVac Europe - The eassiest storage solutions

Tightvac 2,35 liter / 680g / Clear / Blue Tint

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TightVac 2,35 liter - Our Best Size Kitchen Container - A Storage Marvel!

Experience the perfect solution with our 24 oz. Coffee & Tea Container. This versatile container holds 1 to 3 pounds of flour and ensures that your brown sugar remains clump-free and easily scoopable. Say goodbye to the frustration of hardened sugar and enjoy the convenience of our top-notch storage.

Our container goes beyond flour and sugar - it's perfect for storing all your favorite products. From pasta and tea to chips, candies, cereals, cookies, crackers, oatmeal, jerky, and protein powders, everything stays fresher for up to 3 times longer. Delight in the extended shelf life of your pantry essentials.

When it comes to refrigerated items, our container excels yet again. Cheese, lettuce, parsley, basil, cut onions, scallions, zucchini, and most leafy vegetables can now last up to 2 times longer, maintaining their crispness and flavor for extended enjoyment.

We understand the importance of preserving the integrity of your ingredients. That's why our Tightvacs are designed to prevent weevil and bug infestations, ensuring that your pantry remains pest-free and your food stays safe and fresh.

Versatility is our middle name. Whether you're on an RV adventure, embarking on a travel expedition, camping in the great outdoors, boating on serene waters, or enjoying the tranquility of cottages and second homes, our container is the ultimate companion. Compact and convenient, you can store your Tightvac anywhere - on your countertop, in the pantry, or even in the fridge or freezer.

Experience the bliss of saving money and reducing food waste with our Vacs. By keeping your dry goods fresh for up to 1 year and beyond, our containers are a smart investment that guarantees longer-lasting food storage without compromising quality.

Upgrade your kitchen storage game with our Best Size Kitchen Container - a true marvel that ensures freshness, convenience, and peace of mind. Discover the joy of organized and long-lasting food storage

with our reliable Tightvac containers.

  • Capacity: 24 oz. / 680g / 2.35 liter
  • Dimensions: 10-1/4"tall x 4-7/8"diameter (26 cm x 12.5 cm)

TightVac is a patented vacuum-sealed storage container that keeps items fresh up to 3x longer than conventional containers. Tightvacs help you with a multitude of everyday storage issues providing solutions for everything from maximizing your cupboard organization to ensuring long lasting freshness for your coffee, tea and other dry goods; use them for convenient travel purposes and your bulk food storage needs.

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